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Customs Clearance

We provide customs clearance solutions for businesses of all sizes including courier companies, wholesalers, retailers and e-commerce businesses and even private individuals. Our tailored service can take the headache out of every type of importation.

Some typical products:

  • Lighting equipment
  • Cnc machine
  • Audiovisual equipment
  • agricultural
  • Water purification equipment
  • And more...

Our customs services include:

  • Customs declaration service for FCL/LCL shipment, bulk cargo with various items such as: Furniture, Wood, Garment, Hanger, Shoes, Seafood, Vehicles, Plastics, Machinery Equipments, Medical Tools, Dangerous Goods…
  • Providing professional advice on appropriate customs declaration forms, cost and tax, applying HS code, C/O, import tax refund and other related policies for customers.
  • Providing useful information on regulations of other countries from Viet Nam and provide customs clearance services at global destination.

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